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"Versiones para no dormir" Button

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Unbury your leather jacket and put your Narco button on the lapel.

CD S CURRO "Ojos de grafeno"

Price €4.96
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Last Distorsión Morales solo album with his partner Papa Wilson. Punk rap with bass music from Seville.


Price €12.40
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Tee of the first EP of our new project Kadavra. Black, white ink. Available in all sizes.

CALIFATO 3/4 “Crittô de lâ Nabahâ” T-SHIRT

Price €16.53
Availability: 13 In Stock

Special collab with our cousins of Califato 3/4. Black, golden ink. Available in all sizes.

"Cruzmachete" button 31mm.

Price €0.83
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Here you are, the original machete-cross button so you don´t go out there without being cursed.

CURRO "Ojos de grafeno" Vinyl

Price €12.40
Availability: 13 In Stock

Vinyl edition of the last album of S Curro & Papa Wilson “Ojos de Grafeno”.

"Espichufrenia" button 38mm

Price €1.24
Availability: 147 In Stock

We copied the sexpistols colours in their aniversary but notice that drugs work better with us.

CD S CURRO "Distorsión"

Price €4.96
Availability: 24 In Stock

S Curro second album is without any doubt his most acclaimed one. In this record the mix of rap, guitar music and electronics comes to the maximum point.

Chapa "Pastilla"

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"Yoni the robot" button 31mm

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“Yoni the robot” Milton Glaser tribute Button

"Anticrista" T-shirt

Price €12.40
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As the prophecy says.. “She lives in an ivory tower guarded by the civil guard. She has an special room in public hospitals, she is the queen of Guadalquivir. They make her offerings and they decorate her, the one who want something implores her. Follow her path, she is our goddess, green and white is her canteen.”

“La Rave del Infierno” T-SHIRT
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“La Rave del Infierno” T-SHIRT

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What the hell are Narco guys doing in a rave party? They will do whatever you want if you pay the bill. Fluorine printed tee for you to dance in hell´s rave.

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