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"Yoni the robot" Lighter

Price €1.65
Availability: 354 In Stock

“Yoni the robot” Milton Glaser tribute Lighter. Clipper.

"Espichufrenia" Lighter

Price €1.65
Availability: Out of stock

New album, new lighter with new design, but it works for the same thing. The thing that you already now.

Narco "dios te odia" Key chain

Price €4.96
Availability: 14 In Stock

Exclusive key chain of NARCO “Dios te odia”. White embroidery over black in both sides.

"Narco" Bandana

Price €6.61
Availability: 46 In Stock

It doesn´t matter if you don´t ride a Harley, with the new Narco bandana you can intimidate the population even riding a tricycle. Wear it the way you prefer and go out to commit a little bit of crime.

"Cruzmachete" mask

Price €8.26
Availability: Out of stock

Now covering your face is ok, so it's a good moment to do whatever you want without being recognized. Enjoy your anonymity while you protect yourself from the bug with the new "Cruzmachete" mask. Check the specifications in the attached images.

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