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Narco & Reincidentes"La Sevilla del diablo" CD

Price €4.96
Availability: 92 In Stock

Exclusive CD with this special collaboration between this two sevillian rock bands. Narco covers reincidentes and Reincidentes cover Narco.

Narco "Versiones para no dormir" CD

Price €4.96
Availability: 165 In Stock

CD with covers of The Prodigy, Sodom, Los Saicos, Dead Kennedys, Grupo Exterminador or Eskorbuto and with the collars of different artists such as Fermín muguruza, Juan (Soziedad Alkoholika) or Finito de Badajoz (Reincidentes).

Narco "dios te odia" CD

Price €9.92
Availability: 180 In Stock

Here is our CD “Dios te odia” in jewel box format for you to make some lines while you listen to it in your cars. 12 songs that will get you higher than the shit you sniff on it.

CD S CURRO "Ojos de grafeno"

Price €4.96
Availability: 17 In Stock

Last Distorsión Morales solo album with his partner Papa Wilson. Punk rap with bass music from Seville.

CD NARCO "Espichufrenia"

Price €9.92
Availability: 496 In Stock

"Espichufrenia" is the seventh studio album of Narco and the consolidation of their new sound. In CD the format is transparent jewelbox, very useful for what you are thinking right now.  It also includes these amazing collabs: Ana Curra, Burian Fyah, Dub Elements, El Coleta, eRRe, Reincidentes, Space Surmi, Tinatha, The Tractor and Variedub.

CD S CURRO "Distorsión"

Price €4.96
Availability: 23 In Stock

S Curro second album is without any doubt his most acclaimed one. In this record the mix of rap, guitar music and electronics comes to the maximum point.

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