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"Cruzmachete" sweatshirt

Price €24.79
Availability: 8 In Stock

Second Narco sweatshirt model. This time it brings a huge machete-cross in the back so you can look as a member of the catholic youth from a distant view and as the fucking Satan when you are closer. Hood and back and front printed

"Cruzmachete" T-shirt

Price €12.40
Availability: 14 In Stock

At first they will think you're a catholic dude but when they get closer they will think you're mad. Official tee of our LP “Dios te odia”. Front and back printed.

"dios te odia" T-Shirt

Price €9.92
Availability: 12 In Stock

Don't miss our original “Dios te odia” tee, pure Narco.

"Pastilla" T-shirt

Price €12.40
Availability: 6 In Stock

These “aspirins” will really kill your pains. Get this advertising tee of our laboratories as soon as possible, but don´t take two of them at the same time or you can die!

Camiseta "La nueva droga de Narco"

Regular price €9.92 Price €4.96 -50%
Availability: 26 In Stock

Bañador Narco "Pastilla"

Price €16.53
Availability: 5 In Stock

Our new swimming trunks is available yet with the “Espichufrenia pill” logo printed on it. Black, white ink. Available in various sizes.

"Cruzmachete" swimming trunks

Price €16.53
Availability: 4 In Stock

Our first swimming trunks is available yet twith the “cruzmachete” logo printed on it. Black, white ink. Available in various sizes.

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